Friday, March 13, 2009

For Amanda...

This is a 16 x 20 that I did for one of my favorite childhood friends' playroom. Amanda is a really talented artist, so I was very nervous about doing anything that would be hanging in her house. On top of that, we had somewhat of a complex color scheme we were working with: an olive green couch, a pink PB Kids chair for her little girl, a denim PB Kids chair for her baby boy, and a light green fabric that she found to work the pink and blue together. She knew she wanted a wagon and a verse, and here's what she got. I have to say that I am pleased with how it turned out. My favorite parts are the kids' names on the wagon, and the way the verse ties them together. As I look for verses each time I do a canvas, I am constantly reminded that God's word is perfect and lacking in nothing. Even in something as small as my painting hobby, He has given me every single thing I need in His word.

Growing up together, Amanda and I never dreamed that our children would be close in age, or would ever even meet. What a treat to be able to paint something for someone who has grown up with you! Thanks, Amanda for letting me do this for you! ...I loved doing it and having the chance to catch up!

Oh! and you should all check out her paint blog for some artwork for yourselves. Her link has been added to the others.


Amy said...

These are so cute! But I have to ask, where did all this creativity come from!? Why don't I remember any of this from our younger days!?
I wish I was that talented!

Amanda said...

Sweet Heather! I absolutely love my painting. Thank you. I hope to see you and your precious boys again soon.