Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Orders FYI...

Hey friends,

Several of you have placed orders to give as Christmas gifts and others of you have asked and placed orders for Holiday themed canvases. And as always, I'll post pictures here once they are received by the customer.

But until then, I wanted to make sure you all know that
December 15th is the last possible date to place your order in time to have it for the holidays!!! Email, call or leave a comment to place your order to ensure you have yours ready to give or display in your home!!!

Thanks! Heather

Another For Erica...

This 24 x 30 was done for Erica's 10 year old's room. He is big into Star Wars right now and Erica has decorated his room with this theme. So I did his name to look like the Star Wars title, and used the famous opening line on the sun. I think it turned out pretty cute, and I hope that he loves it too.
Thanks, Erica and Jacob, for letting me do something fun and different than I've had the chance to do before!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For Joanna....

This 8 x 10 was done for Joanna to give to one of her friends who just recently had a baby. She sent me the link to the bedding so I could match the colors. Dark and light lime green stripe, cream monogram and chocolate brown verse, all hung with a chocolate brown ribbon.
I love how it turned out, and I hope your friend did too, Joanna! Thanks so much!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Amanda...

My friend Amanda came to me with a pretty specific request for this 24 x 30. Her daughter runs track for one of the private schools here in town, and wanted to use the team's motto across a canvas to hang in her room: RTFOOE. It stands for Run Through the Father, Our Only Endurance. Her daughter's walls are periwinkle, so we thought it would be cute to use softer shades of the school's colors (that coordinate with the periwinkle color) on the canvas and also incorporate her daughter's name.
I hope Emily is a pleased with it as you were, Amanda! Thanks for letting me do another one for you!!!

For Nicki...

This 16 x 20 oval was done for Nicki's little girl's room, and I just love it!! Black background with white polka dots, outlined in hot pink, a thin zebra border outlined on both sides in silver, and a hot pink background with the verse from 3 John. Hung with a hot pink satin ribbon, it's ready to be hung her room. I think it's just precious.

Thanks so much, Nicki! I hope you love it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

For Danielle...

This adorable farmhouse set was done for Danielle's little boy's playroom. The middle canvas is a 9 x 12 farm scene, and the ones on either side of it are each 8 x 10 tractors. I love the little John Deere logo's in the corners, and since her last name begins with the letter 'H', I took the deer off two of the logos and replaced it with an 'H'.

I hope you love these, Danielle! I loved getting to do them for you, and I hope you were as pleased with the end result as I was!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Taking New Orders!!!

I just wanted to mention here that I am now taking orders again, AND I have a new size canvas that is the perfect size for gifts when you need just a little something special.

I now can do an 8 x 10 oval for only $25.00!!! I have only done one of this size, and wasn't able to get a picture of it due to how quickly my friend needed it for a gift. It is the perfect size for everything from teacher's Christmas gifts, or the friend who already has everything, or a new baby's nursery.

Contact me and place your order today!!!

For Candy

This 16 x 20 oval was done for Candy's baby girl on the way. I believe she's due sometime this week (if she's not already here yet), so hopefully they were able to get the nursery all ready before her big arrival. Candy sent me links to pictures of the crib bedding, so I was able to match colors perfectly, and also incorporated the small rosebud and flower vine pattern around the verse. Sweet and girly, but not too much. I think it'll look perfect against her pale pink walls!

Congratulations, Candy!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of this very special time in your life...I loved doing this for you! ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Erica

This trio was done for Erica's daughter's room. A 16 x 20 in the middle, and a 12 x 16 on either side. I matched the colors to Anna Kate's bedding so that it would match perfectly. I love the details: tiny white polka dots on the outer border of the big one, the Princess' tiara, and I even used Anna Kate's monogram on the Princess' little dress - I mean, who doesn't love monograms?!

I'm so glad they finally made it to you, Erica (after UPS lost them for almost two weeks!). Thanks for being so gracious and patient through a really frustrating situation! I hope you and Anna Kate love them!

Lots more to come!!! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For Jennifer...

This set of two 9 x 12 canvases was done for my friend Jennifer's office at work. She wanted turquoise/blues and browns, and chose the verses she liked best off a list of options that I like to use. Past that, she really gave me the freedom to choose the style/theme of the canvases, and here's what she got:And this is one more 9 x 12 that Jennifer ordered to give to one of her friends who is expecting a baby sometime soon. She told me the colors that her friend will be using in the baby's room, gave me the baby's monogram letters and knew the verse she wanted on it. Here's what will be hanging in the nursery. Hopefully it will be a source of encouragement to that new mommy every time she looks at it. Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me to do three very special canvases for you...I really enjoyed doing them, and I hope you love all three!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

For "Miss" Pat

This is a 16 x 20 done for my friend Pat to give to one of her friends as a house-warming gift. She told me the colors of her new home, and we matched them.
Khaki background, dark red stencil, with the letter R in the middle in black, hung with wide black ribbon. I think it turned out really well, and I hope it will make a perfect addition to the new home.
Keep checking back often...I'm finishing up lots of orders, and will resume taking new orders again in the next week, just in time to get your teachers'/friends'/family gifts ordered for Christmas. Thanks for being patient with me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another for Amanda...

This 16 x 20 canvas is one of my favorites! I know I say that about almost all of them, but I love this one especially!...its just so cute and fun and girly, and being the only girl in a house full of boys, I have to get my pink fix where I can.

Amanda's daughter, Grace, needed something for her room. She loved the pink and polka dots of the canvas at the very bottom ("For this child I have prayed"), but she's 13, so we needed to make it a little more "grown up".

16 x 20 canvas, with a pale pink background, hot pink border and polka dots, off-white polka dot cross, lettering in chocolate brown, and -- my very favorite detail -- a row of tiny chocolate brown dots separating the border from the rest.

I have two more in the works for Amanda, and 11 other canvases that I'm doing for others (the reason for taking a "pause" in new orders) so keep checking back often to see what else is new! Thanks, Amanda!...I hope Grace loves the new addition to her room.

Have a great day today, and thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Hey friends,

Thank you ALL so much for your orders!!! I am loving all the fun and cute ideas that we're coming up with!!!....There are some adorable canvases in the works, so keep checking back often.

But, in an attempt to be able to get each person's canvas out in a timely manner, I need to put a "pause" on new orders. What this means is that you can still email me, call me, or leave a commment to place your order. But I will not be able to begin work on it until all other orders have been sent out (appr 6 - 8 weeks/mid October).

I really hate to do this, as it sort of feels like I'm stopping the very thing I started. But, hopefully this will allow me to concentrate on all the orders that I currently have, get those to each customer as soon as possible, and still give everyone else out there enough time to get their orders in for teacher's gifts, Christmas presents and etc.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience! I'll be sure to let you know when I'm all done playing catch up. And in the meantime, I'll keep putting pictures on here as each one is finished.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For Amanda

My sweet friend at church, Laura B, sent her friend Amanda to me when she needed two baby shower gifts. She didn't know the colors of the nurseries for the coming babies, so we worked together to come up with something that would fit easily into any baby's room. Here's what I came up with:

16 x 20 canvas, blue and cream stripe border, cream with baby blue polka dots, chocolate brown lettering and hung with a chocolate brown ribbon. The second is exactly the same, only reversed (I just couldn't stand the thought of the exact same canvas in two different homes...after all, these are supposed to be custom. ;)

Amanda, thank you so much for trusting me to come up with a gift that you would feel proud to put your name on! I loved doing them for you, and hope your friends loved them too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For the New Bride

This is a 16 x 20 I did for Claire at church. She and her fiancee are set to get married in September, and hopefully this will make a perfect addition to their new house and life together.

Monday, August 25, 2008

For Baby Grayson

This is a custom size, 24 x 48. It was done for my friend Andrea's newest baby boy, her third son Grayson. She gave me a pillow from his crib to match the paint colors and told me she wanted "some kind of monkey theme" in the room. This is what she got:

Call or email me with your order today!

Monday, August 18, 2008

For Baby Brooklyn...who should be on her way soon

This 11 x 14 canvas was done to match the colors of baby Brooklyn's nursery: pale pink, hot pink and green. Black monogram and Bible verse, and coordinating black satin ribbon to complete the look. Super cute! Call or email me with the colors and lettering you want on yours today!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For Caden's Nursery

16 x 20 monogram done to match the bedding for sweet baby Caden Lee. The outer border is black with creme polka dots, each outlined in a golden/bronze color. Inner border matches the wall color with black paisley all the way around.